Hire TV Mounting Experts To Install Your Corner TV Mount & Home Ceiling TV Mount Perfectly. We Offer TV Mount Installation, Sanus TV Mount Installation, TV Mount Installation, And Vesa Wall Mount.

TV wall mounting saves your TV from damage. TV mounting is a kind of safeguard protecting from damages and harms also unreachable to your naughty kids. Smart TV not only increases the value of your home but is also a source of entertainment and information. To secure your money and TV, you should get it mounted by trained and experienced technicians. Contractor UAE is a professional company with a number of trained and certified technicians to perfectly and quickly Mount Your TV throughout , at an affordable rate. We not only mount your TV but we can install your TV as well. 

TV Wall Mounting

With the advancement in technology, TV has become more portable and lighter. Wall-mounted TV not only saves space but also looks great. A wall-mounted TV allows the homeowner to décor the space with other items. TV Wall Mounting needs perfection and skills because if a TV is not properly mounted on the wall, it may drop your TV and causing you a big loss. Contractor UAE delivers professional TV Wall Mounting Service done by trained and certified technicians. The team Contractor UAE can install and mount tv of any brand and model. With Contractor UAE you will not have to get worried about the TV wall mounting because we stand behind our work.

TV Mounting

TV Installation

Have you bought a new TV and you do not know how to install it, ask a professional to install your TV. Contractor UAE is a professional and registered company to Install Your New TV. We are friendly with every model so we can install your TV without any trouble and problem. We have served commercial and residential clients for their TV Installation needs. As per the outbreak of Covid -19, our technicians follow the SOPS and all the safety measures during our TV installation service. The team Contractor UAE is quick and responsive, so you will not have to wait for days to get your TV installed. 

Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

Flat-screen TVs are in fashion and preferable because flat screen tv looks elegant and does not cover space as compared to the traditional TV. The Flat Screen TV is fragile and delicate so needs to be mounted well. Your flat-screen TV will be secured if you get it mounted and install by Contractor UAE's technicians. We offer a 7-day warranty on our Flat Screen TV Wall Mount & Installation Services so that you will be satisfied and content with our flat screen tv wall mount service. We will help you with quick and responsive services to provide you comfort and peace of mind.

Our Services TV Mounting

At Contractor UAE our TV mounting services include:

  • Swivel TV Mount
  • Samsung TV Mount
  • Samsung TV Installation
  • Flip Down TV Mount
  • Dropdown TV Mount
  • 50 Inch TV Wall Mount
  • 55 Inch TV Wall Mount
  • 65 Inch TV Wall Mount
  • 75 Inch TV Wall Mount

The team Contractor UAE is highly professional and years of experience allow us to do the job perfectly so that you may not have to face any problem afterward. We are one phone call away. You can call us anytime on and we will reach fully equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to install and mount your tv anywhere.

Swivel TV Mount

If you are in need of Swivel TV Mount Service, let the professionals of Contractor UAE serve you. We have a track record of providing quality work with our extensive knowledge of TV mounting. Our technicians are trained and certified, so you can contact us without any hesitation. 

Samsung TV Mount

Contractor UAE is an experienced and professional TV mounting company, working for the last so many years with expertise and skill that enables us to mount your Samsung TV. Although you can mount your Samsung tv yourself, Mounting Your Samsung TV with a professional will ensure to avoid any mishap and damage in the coming days.

Samsung TV Installation

It is good to know that you have bought a new Samsung TV, but being unaware of the functions and installation procedure is quite understandable. At Contractor UAE we offer Samsung TV Installation Service for your commercial and residential Samsung TV. Give us a call today at for your Samsung TV installation needs, and consider it done with Contractor UAE because we are quick and responsive.

Flip Down TV Mount

Mount Well Your Flip-Down TV covering your cables and cords fully. Our experts take care of every minute detail while mounting your flip-down tv.


Dropdown TV Mount

Wall mounting of a dropdown tv requires expertise and skill. Contractor UAE is a professional company offering TV mounting service for the residents of , at an affordable rate. With Contractor UAE rest assured you have chosen the supreme level of TV Mounting Service. We are preferable because we are guaranteed and certified and work closely with the owners to meet their satisfaction and needs.

50 Inch TV Wall Mount

It is really exciting to have a big screen at home. It not only increases the level of amusement but elegance as well. If you do not know how to Mount Your 50 Inch TV, stop worrying now and call us at Contractor UAE for the 50 inch TV wall mount services across , . You will be satisfied with our TV mounting services. 

55 Inch TV Wall Mount

Having a huge screen at your place will increase the value and elegance of your place. You should wall mount your 55-inch tv to double the convenience of a huge screen, also it is necessary for its protection. Contractor UAE offers TV Mounting Service across , securing tv to the bracket. A good wall mounted tv functions properly, so call the professionals of Contractor UAE to wall mount your 55 inch tv. 

65 Inch TV Wall Mount

You should call Contractor UAE for 65-Inch TV Wall Mounting Service because we are trustworthy and professional and always reach on the committed time. We are preferable because we guarantee our workmanship and always stand behind our work. Our experts will take care of your 65-inch tv and make it secure with our wall mounting service.

75 Inch TV Wall Mount

If you have recently moved to a new place or you have bought a new 75-inch tv, we will recommend not to mount it yourself, because holding such a large screen demands professionalism and expertise. At Contractor UAE we offer a 75-Inch TV Wall Mounting Service across , so that you may enjoy the larger screen without any trouble. 



The type of wall and installation complexity is two elements that affect when to mount a TV. Difficult setups could require more time than simple installations, which could take a few hours.

Is it possible to mount a TV without causing damage to the wall?

Experts are equipped with specialized equipment and know how to mount TVs on walls with the least amount of wall damage. Still, a few holes could be required for cables and screws. These matters need to be discussed with the installer before the TV mounting process is started.

What is the cost of professional TV mounting?

The size of the TV, the kind of wall, and the installation difficulty all determine the cost of professional TV mounting. Obtaining estimates for TV mounting from various service providers is preferable.

What equipment and tools are required for mounting a TV?

Tools including a stud finder, level, drill, screws, and wall hooks are typically needed for TV mounting. Expert installers from the profession carry the equipment required for a safe and secure installation.